Sunday, 10 July 2011


malam2 nie terasa nak layan lagu nie plak...

korang layan laa lagu nie....nice
law pandai men gitar perrgghhh
lagik sempoi beb.....

empty decoration-indecisive

i wake in the dawn to showers of light
moments of emptiness around
floating away with auras of hope
but reality bring me to the ground

What can i do?
What can i say?
i need a place to hide away
just for a while,just for a smile
just for the life i used to know

Where every song
Was filled with words of love and not for anger
Where did the go?
why did they leave me far behind?

Cause i don't wanna be alone
living life all on my own
Oh oh
i don't wanna live my life in isolatoin
filled with empty decoration
cause i wanna be with the people that i know
who will do the thing i do
Oh oh
making all my dreams come true
Oh oh
i don't recognise the shadow on my door
i've seen them all before
because the only thing i really want
is to be with you.....

i look at the sky
it look back at me
i can't hear the silent melodies
i know that im here yet i am lost
blown in confusion by the breeze

hiding my face,crying alone
i need to find my way back home
back to the place, the wonderful days
living the life i used to know

where every smile
was born out of a love and of sincerity
and every tear of overflowing joy

repeat c/o

~live for one,and die for all
in the end,we'll all stand tall`~

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